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10 editions, 9.700 runners, 162.000 euro donated.
Millions of smiles and great memories.
18th June 2022 - Cheile Gradistei Fundata



10th edition

At the end of the 10th edition of the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG, almost 20,000 euros were donated for the benefit of the Paralympic athletes! It is the largest amount collected so far, due to the over 1,500 runners having joined the event and the many sponsors who supported us.


The half-marathon race (21km) was favoured in 2019 and gathered the largest number of participants at the starting line, with 25% more runners than the previous edition. At the Marathon (42km) there were over 120 runners, and the relay (7km) event was also a real success, with 155 registered teams. Impressive growth was also recorded at the Kids Races, where 300 children registered, 100 more than last year.


The Romanian Paralympic athletes also started in the relay race, and in addition to other years, the tandem athletes, semi-blind and blind, participated in the event on specialized bicycles. The Paralympic Sports Day was held on the same day of the event and included five sports activities. Many children and adults came to meet the Paralympic athletes and were able to practice sports with them.


Event Highlights

> 1,500 registered participants;

> Over 2,000 runners and supporters present;

> 155 teams enrolled in the relay races;

> All funds raised from participation fees and donations, amounting to approximately 20,000 euros, have been directed to the National Paralympic Committee.


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9th edition

On the 16th of June 2018, we enjoyed a memorable day at the DHL Carpathian Marathon, an event that reached its ninth edition and which took place at Cheile Gradistei Fundata Resort. 1,500 runners from Romania and 10 other countries accepted our invitation to discover the unspoiled tracks offered by the Carpathian Mountains. The new format of the tracks, 98% traversing mountain trails, the special location and the rare beauty of the region were very attractive for both amateur and professional athletes. The marathon and half marathon race options reached a record number of participants and the event was endorsed by numerous ambassadors and renowned athletes.

Event Highlights

>1.500 participants;

>Over 2.000 runners and supporters of the Marathon were present;

>132 relay teams registered for the event;

>Over 15.000 Eur raised from registration fees and donations.

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8th edition

"If you want to move the world, start with yourself!". The challenge was accepted on Saturday, the 17th of June 2017, at the start of the 8th edition of DHL Carpathian Marathon with over 1.500 runners taking part in the race.


Paralympic athletes Ciprian Anton, Filip Ghiorghi, Abel Ciorap, Ionut Grosu, David Raulea and Zoltan Kiss raced on a special half marathon course and finished the race even though they were challenged by heavy rain pouring throughout the day. Race Ambassadors Gabriela Szabo and Constantina Dita, alongside Carmen Bruma and Sonia Argint Ionescu took part in the Relay race with Daniel Kearvell, Managing Director DHL Express Romania.  

DHL Carpathian Marathon offered 3 race options in 2017 - Relay (7 km x 6 persons), Half marathon (21 km) and Marathon (42,195 km). All races took place on a mixed terrain course, designed both on trail and road surfaces, between Predeal - Paraul Rece - Rasnov - Poiana Brasov.

Event Highlights:

>1.300 participants;

>Over 2.000 runners and supporters were present at the Start/Finish area;

>Over 100 relay teams at the start line;

>Over 15.000 Eur raised from registration fees and donations and directed, for the 3rd consecutive year, to the National Paralympic Committee.

Useful links:

>Event photos: Official gallery | Photo booth

>Press conference photos: March 2017 | June 2017


7th edition

The 2016 edition benefited from the support and direct involvement of well known Romanian athletes Andreea Raducan, Monica Rosu, Elisabeta Lipa, Constantina Dita, George Balta, but also other public figures such as Carmen Bruma, Sonia Argint Ionescu, Ileana Badiu who actively got involved, by participating in the Celebrities Relay challenge. The event was supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

The new additions from 2016 edition included a modified Half marathon route, with the start line in Rasnov; also, the Relay challenge had a new venue, the Stana Turistica highlands. Our Paralympic athletes received the title of honorific runners, racing alongside other Half marathon participants.


For the second year in a row, Smiley entertained the participants with a concert, at the end of the event.

Event Highlights

>1.500 participants;

>Over 2.000 runners and supporters of the Marathon were present;

>98 relay teams at the start line;

>A 50% increase of the number of participants compared to the previous year, in the Half marathon, Marathon and Children’s Race categories;

>Over 12.000 Eur raised from registration fees and donations.

Useful links:

>Event photos: Official gallery

>Press conference photos: March 2016 | June 2016 

>Results 2016: Marathon | Half Marathon | Relay mixt | Relay men | Relay women


6th edition

The 2015 Edition of the marathon benefited from the support and the direct involvement of athletes like Andreea Raducan, Monica Rosu, Cristi Chivu, but also of several public figures who were actively involved by participating in the relay team of public figures: Carmen Bruma, Jorge, Carmen Negoita, Doru Todorut. Moreover, the TV presenter, Andreea Berecleanu, was present at the start line to show her support for the Paralympic athletes.


The anniversary edition new elements included: a Smiley concert for participants and supporters, live streaming of the competition, photo tagging of participants and a video finisher movie. Also, the 2015 edition had a premiere: the first participation of a Paralympic team at the event.

Event Highlights

>1.000 participants;

>2.000 runners and supporters;

>60 relay teams at the start line;

>12.000 Eur raised from entry fees and separate donations, that were directed to the Romanian National Paralympic Committee to support the Romanian Paralympic athletes on their way to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Useful links:

>Event photos: Galerie oficială


5th edition

The 2014 edition of DHL Carpathian Marathon was supported by journalists and VIPs: Andreea Marin, Serban Damian, Monica Iagar, who each had a team present at the start of the marathon.

Between October and December 2014, the Sanitary Education project has been implemented in schools and high schools, from the following cities: Arges, Brasov, Bucharest, Caras-Severin, Constanta, Dolj, Hunedoara, Iasi, Mures, Neamt, Suceava, Timis, Vaslui. 250 volunteers have closely worked with groups of school and high school children. Around 8.000 children from 250 schools in Bucharest and other cities learned about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and sports, thus reaching the main purpose of the project.

Event Highlights

>800 participants in 2014 (the fifth edition of " The DHL Carpathian Marathon Relay");

>1.000 runners and supporters;

>10.000 Eur raised from their participation and separate donations. The money was donated to Save the Children Association, for implementing educational programs on preventing and discouraging alcohol and drugs consumption by children an teenagers.

Useful links:

>Event photos: Official gallery (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) | Kids Races

>Press conference photos: April 2014 | May 2014

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