10 editions, 9.700 runners, 162.000 euro donated, millions of smiles and great memories.
20th June 2020 - Cheile Gradistei Fundata



We support the Romanian Paralympic Committe

Since its inception, DHL Carpathian Marathon has been quickly recognised as one of the most spectacular trail running events in Romania, having attracted 9,700 runners and over 600 company teams.


Our dedication to a social cause represents a fundamental pillar of the event. To date, we have redirected all participation fees to one of the causes that we have supported over the years, exceeding 162,000 Euros in total. In 2020, we are continuing our tradition to support the National Paralympic Committee, for the sixth consecutive year.

The money will be thus essential to the preparation of Romanian Paralympic athletes and their local and international activity. 


"We have no words to express our appreciation for the support offered by the DHL Carpathian Marathon, powered by MPG! It means a lot to our athletes, to be supported by donations and thus get the chance to represent Romania at the highest level, the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. We are continuously investing in the team, while the DHL Carpathian Marathon, powered by MPG, supports the performance of our athletes and believes in their future."


The 3rd edition of the Paralympic Sports Day will be held this year in the Race Village, set at Cheile Gradistei Fundata, in parallel with the DHL Carpathian Marathon event, on June 20, 2020.


Participants will thus be able to interact with Paralympic athletes, will discover their goals and plans for the future, and will be able to get involved in different sport activities.


Be an active supporter of our cause

If you have decided to participate in the DHL Carpathian Marathon event or you are a supporter, we invite you to take part in the activities organised during the Paralympic Sports Day, to get to know some of the athletes who will represent us at the Olympics and to have fun alongside them.


The event is held throughout the day (June 20, 2020) in the form of sports workshops taking place in the start area (Race Village). Please request the participation flyer from the information / race pack collection office to take part in these activities.

Sports workshops organised in 2019

>Table tennis




>Tennis (small courts)